Hi there, welcome to Tilburg!

General information

For whom?

Exchange students
The rooms at “Professor Verbernelaan” can be booked by exchange students via Yourroomintilburg.com. “Professor Verbernelaan” is located near to Tilburg University, train station “Tilburg University”, a shopping area and the sport center of Tilburg University. You will find more information as soon as you’re logged in. If you have been accepted as an (full year) exchange student you will automatically receive log-in details to the reservation system in June or November. The rooms on this website are only offered to new incoming international exchange students of Tilburg University.

Please note that the number of rooms is limited. Therefore, we advise students who want to book a room via Yourroomintilburg.com to make a reservation as soon as the reservation system opens. The reservation policy is based on a “first-come, first-serve”-basis. Please, make sure your credit card has enough limit to be able to complete your payment (and reservation). The reservation system will automatically cancel incomplete reservations after 48 hours. Please note that Yourroomintilburg.com is unfortunately not able to assist you anymore once all rooms are rented out.

The rooms

In the Netherlands the size of a student room is generally rather small. The surface of the rooms on offer are approximately 12 meters. Besides your room you also have access to all shared facilities.

The all-in monthly rent of a room includes the rent for your room and services. The all-in monthly rent varies based on the square meters of the room combined with the square meters of the shared facilities and the state of the room and house. The included services in the all-in monthly rent are:

  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Internet
  • Television (in the living room)
  • Maintain services
  • Local taxes
  • Furniture

All shared facilities include a package of basic inventory. Please be aware that the inventory might be second hand. A list of included inventory:

  • Pots and pans
  • Plates and cups
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Glasses
  • Cutlery

All rooms are furnished. This means that the rooms – at least - include:

  • Bed
  • Mattress
  • Desk + lamp & chair
  • Wardrobe

Save luggage space!

When you reserve a room via WonenBreburg (Professor Verbernelaan) you will pay € 45,- for a brand new linen package. You will find this package in your room on the day of arrival.

The package includes:

  • One pillow
  • One pillowcase
  • One mattress sheet
  • One quilt
  • One quilt cover

House regulations and cleaning policy
In the Netherlands there are no standard cleaning regulations for student accommodation. Therefore, cleaning your room is fully your own responsibility. Please click here for a cleaning checklist.

Together with your housemates you are responsible for cleaning all the shared facilities. In most student houses the housemates create a cleaning schedule. In this schedule all weekly tasks are assigned to one of the housemates. In this way the tasks are equally spread. Disputes about cleaning the shared facilities are the responsibility of all housemates. Your landlord can decide to take action by ordering a cleaning company to clean-up the house after one official warning. Make no mistake, all costs will be billed upon you and your housemates and there is no discussion possible.

Your international experience will only be complete when you learn a lot about the traditions and cultures of other international students. The best way to get to know each other is by living together. In order to maximize your international experience yourroomintilburg.com stimulates integration between international students from all over the world. Living in our houses becomes a beautiful and interesting international experience!

Fair play
Our reservation system automatically creates international houses with a broad variety of cultures. This means that there will be no houses with a majority of the same nationalities.

Your payment

Payment method
You can only complete a room reservation with the use of a credit card. No other payment methods are accepted or possible. Between the invitation e-mail and the opening date of the reservation system, you have at least a minimum of five days to arrange a credit card and enough limit. The will be no exceptions made for whatever reason e.g. late application of the credit card or limit increase.

After you completed all the necessary payment steps in Ogone you will be automatically directed to your personal account. In your account you can check your payment status. There are three possibilities:

1. Payment completed:
Your payment has been received successfully. Your room reservation is now completed. Congratulations!

2. Payment is being processed:
A credit card transaction usually takes some time. Your credit will be checked by the credit card company. It is normal that it takes about 48 hours before your payment is completed. Please wait – at least – 48 hours before you start asking questions by e-mail. When your payment - after 48 hours - still is stated as ‘payment is being processed’ please contact the housing company by using the contact button in your personal account.

3. Payment failed:
Something went wrong with your payment. You can start the payment process again. Don’t be afraid that your money is already deducted from your account.