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Frequently Asked Questions

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Arrival in Tilburg

I will arrive after the official Registration Days, where can I pick up my room key?

I will arrive before the official Registration Days, where can I pick up my room key?

Is my friend allowed to pick up my room key?

What will we discuss during the Registration Day?

Early termination request

I’m willing or I have accepted an internship in another city, can I terminate my tenancy agreement?

Would it be possible to move-out before the final date of my tenancy agreement?

Housemates & Responsibilities

How do I find out who my roommates are?

Who is responsible for cleaning the residence?

Would it be possible to stay in the same residence as my friend?

Would it possible to rent a room/studio together with my partner or a friend?


How can I acces my personal account?

When will I receive my invitation e-mail?

Who will receive an invitation e-mail?

Why did I not receive my invitation?

Would it be possible to receive a new invitation e-mail?

Rental period

How do you know for which period I would like to rent a room?

Would it be possible to to rent accommodation for a different period than the period stated on the website?

Rental price & payment

Are rental prices in Tilburg expensive, compared to other Dutch cities?

Can I complete my reservation without a Credit Card?

Can I make a payment with my Credit Card?

Was my payment succesfull?

Which costs are included in the monthly rental fee?

Reservation procedure

All rooms are rented out. What should I do?

Do I have to upload any documents?

My reservation is canceled due to Credit Card problems, why can I not book a room anymore?

The instruction movie is not working. What should I do?

Which internet providers supports the website Yourroomintilburg.com properly?

Would it be possible to change or cancel my reservation?

Rooms' facilities

Are the rooms furnished?

Do I have to share my room?

Is non-smoking accommodation available?

Will my room have internet access?

Special requests

What should I do if I have disabilities / allergy?